FSU Faculty Recital: Heidi Louise Williams and Greg Sauer

Performed by Heidi Louise Williams, Piano

Gregory Sauer, Cello


Season 2021 Episode 2  |  1h 40m 20s

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October 2019

Albany Records


Heidi Louise Williams performs piano sonatas by American composers with the oldest work written in 1919 and the most recent in 1991. Charles Tomlinson Griffes, George Walker, Carlisle Floyd, and Samuel Barber all used their art to explore imponderable realities that could be more fully accessed within the realm of music. These artists absorbed a variety of musical languages into their own, foreshadowing, in many cases, the postmodernist aesthetic of stylistic coexistence. From Walker's inclusion of folk tunes to Barber's gripping sincerity, from Floyd's devotion to human narratives to Griffes' persuasive fusion of styles, these works rely in some way or another on the power of human empathy, nobly representing the United States as an essentially diverse nation. Praised by critics, pianist Heidi Louise Williams has appeared in solo and collaborative performances across North America and internationally, having won numerous awards. A graduate of Peabody, she is on the faculty at Florida State University. This is her second solo album for Albany Records.


Charles Tomlinson Griffes, composer  |  Sonata for Piano, A. 85  |  Heidi Louise Williams (piano)
George Walker, composer  |  Piano Sonata No. 1  |  Heidi Louise Williams (piano)
Carlisle Floyd, composer  |  Sonata for Piano  |  Heidi Louise Williams (piano)
Samuel Barber, composer  |  Sonata for Piano, Op. 26  |  Heidi Louise Williams (piano)




September 2018

Albany Records


Two performers passionate about American art song -- soprano Mary Mackenzie and pianist Heidi Louise Williams perform a program of songs by John Harbison, James Primosch, Daniel Crozier and Ned Rorem. Mary Mackenzie, who has captured the attention of audiences throughout the United States, has been described by the New York Times as "a soprano of extraordinary agility and concentration," and the Boston Globe as "sensational." She has appeared as a recitalist, a soloist with orchestras and as a chamber musician with the best known ensembles in the U.S. Her discography includes recording on the Albany and Bridge record labels. Pianist Heidi Louise Williams has appeared in solo and collaborative recitals across North America, in Europe and Asia. She has been praised by New York critic Harris Goldsmith for her "impeccable soloistic authority" and Dazzling performances." On the faculty at Florida State University College of Music, her recording for Albany Records received rave reviews from critics.


Track Listing:

1. Vocalism, A Grand Aria for Soprano & Piano: I. Con brio   By John Harbison      [3:12]
2. Vocalism, A Grand Aria for Soprano & Piano: II. Con moto   By John Harbison   [4:12]
3. Waltzing the Spheres   By James Primosch   [4:59]
4. Seven Poems of Lorine Niedecker   By John Harbison   [7:02]
5. Three Folk Hymns: I. How Can I Keep from Singing?   By James Primosch   [4:32]
6. Three Folk Hymns: II. Be Thou My Vision   By James Primosch   [4:08]
7. Three Folk Hymns: III. What Wondrous Love is This?   By James Primosch   [5:42]
8. Songs for the Walters: History's Lamb   By Daniel Crozier   [2:48]
9. Songs for the Walters: Byzantium   By Daniel Crozier   [1:28]
10. Shadow Memory   By James Primosch   [4:17]
11. Four Poems of Emily Dickinson: I. Hope Is the Thing with Feathers   By Daniel Crozier   [2:17]
12. Four Poems of Emily Dickinson: II. Angels in the Early Morning   By Daniel Crozier   [3:03]
13. Four Poems of Emily Dickinson: III. Song: Summer for Thee   By Daniel Crozier   [2:55]
14. Four Poems of Emily Dickinson: IV. It Can't Be Summer   By Daniel Crozier   [3:11]
15. Another Sleep - III: XIV. Of the Scythians   By Ned Rorem   [2:41]
16. Another Sleep - III: XV. Night   By Ned Rorem   [0:56]
17. Another Sleep - III: XVI. The Suicide   By Ned Rorem   [3:15]
18. Another Sleep - III: XVII. Death Stands Above Me   By Ned Rorem   [0:52]
19. Another Sleep - III: XVIII. Despairing to Be Happy Any More   By Ned Rorem  [3:44]
20. Another Sleep - III: XIX. The Waves   By Ned Rorem   [4:13]
21. The Rainbow Comes and Goes   By Daniel Crozier   [2:14]
22. And, Daylight…   By Daniel Crozier   [3:55]
23. After-Song ("Through Love to Light")   By Daniel Crozier   [1:41]
24. The Fire of a Wild White Sun   By Daniel Crozier   [4:31]
25. Holy the Firm: I. "…That Passeth All Understanding"   By James Primosch   [2:30]
26. Holy the Firm: II. Every Day is a God   By James Primosch   [5:27]
27. Holy the Firm: III. The Ladder of Divine Ascent   By James Primosch   [3:16]
28. Holy the Firm: IV. Cinder   By James Primosch   [2:59]
29. Holy the Firm: V. Deathbeds   By James Primosch   [8:31]


Drive American - Albany Records


October 2011

Albany Records


A superlative program of piano music by American composers is offered by pianist Heidi Williams. The oldest work on the program dates from 1988 (William Bolcom) and the most recent was written in 2009 (Daniel Crozier), giving us a snapshot of what American composers have been writing for piano in the past 25 years. 


Track Listing:


     1. American Berserk (2001) [7:08] 


No Longer Very Clear (2000)

     2. Holding a Daisy [4:34]

     3. Or like Engine [3:50]

     4. Vast Antique Cubes [2:51]

     5. Throbbing Still [8:18]


     6. Winter Aubade (2009) [11:41]


     7. Ba Ban (1999) [6:58]


Traces (2007)

     8. REVERIE: Like Robert Schumann (The Poet Speaks) crossed with George Crumb [2:32]

     9. CAPRICE: Like Scarlatti's Baroque Ornamentation crossed with Art Tatum [2:37]

     10. TANGO: Like Astor Piazzolla crossed with John Coltrane [3:17]

     11. IMPROMPTU: Like Stravinsky crossed with Chopin and Thelonious Monk [6:11]

     12. TOCCATA: Like J.S. Bach crossed with BeBop [2:23]


12 New Etudes, Book IV (1988)

     13. Vers le silence [7:02]

     14. Hi-jinks [2:14]

     15. Hymne a l'amour [6:37]


Flashes of Light - Neos
ZWILICH: Millennium Fantasy; Images; Peanuts Gallery - Naxos American


December 2016


"Flashes of Light, composed in 2014–15, connects the classical concept of a concerto with a provocatively unusual sound, made possible by the combination of brass and percussion instruments with four pianos.

Historically, writings for multiple pianos have been very rare and always originate from the composers’ specific intent or stylistic concept. In Kubík’s work, the use of four pianos is for the multiplication of the piano’s characteristics, including the ability to produce highly sophisticated inner textures and, of course, to substantially extend all technical possibilities of the instrument.

Ladislav Kubík (born in 1946 in Prague, Czechoslovakia) studied composition and music theory at the Prague Academy of Music. For his compositions, he received many recognitions, such as the Guggenheim Fellowship, distinctions at the International Rostrum of Composers UNESCO, the Intervision Prize, the International Franz Kafka Prize and numerous other awards. Commissioned by the prestigious organizations in Europe and America, his works have been performed in nearly 30 countries."

ZWILICH: Millennium Fantasy; Images; Peanuts Gallery

September 2010

Naxos American


Works for piano and orchestra.



May 2008

Albany Records


Formed in 2004 the trio Neoteric, made up of faculty members at Southern Illinois University, began their relationship with Bernard Hoffer through a request for works in the American Music Center newsletter. After writing two works for their ensemble, Hoffer suggested the idea of more substantial works, hence the Concerto di Camera and Divertimento included on this recording. Born in Switzerland, Hoffer is a graduate of Eastman where he studied composition with Bernard Rogers and Wayne Barlow. He has written extensively for films, television, and commercials for which he has won several Emmy nominations and Clio Awards. He scored the hit children’s cartoon series Thundercats and Silverhawks.


Track Listing:

1. Concerto di Camera

    Heidi Louise Williams, pianist

2. Four Brief Episodes

3. More Brief Episodes

4. Divertimento for Octet


The Florida State University Percussion.

Heidi Louise Williams, Piano

Tyler Tolles, Vibraphone 

The Florida State University Percussion Ensemble Volume 4 (2019)

Piano Concerto in G (Maurice Ravel, 1929-31)

II. Adagio assai/Arr. Luis Rivera (2017)

Recording No. 3

'The Percustory Insectarium' (2019)


Heidi Louise Williams, Piano

University Musical Associates Hamburg Steinway Inaugural Concert

Ruby Diamond Concert Hall, Florida State University

January 2018


Nocturne in D-flat Major, Op. 27 No. 2

Scherzo No. 3 in C-sharp minor, Op. 39

Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849)


Heidi Louise Williams, Piano

FSU Piano Department

Memorial Concert for Joel Hastings

October 2016

Hymne à l’amour, from 12 New Etudes (1977-86)                                                     William Bolcom (b. 1938)



Daniel Crozier


Gregory Sauer, Cello

Heidi Louise Williams, Piano


Performed Live at The Shepherd School of Music,

Rice University Houston, Texas, 2013


Winona Lake, IN

Music:  "Klonos" composed by Piet Swerts

Performed by Andrew Somerville, Saxaphone

and Heidi Louise Williams, Piano

Dance:  "Perilous Times"  choreography by Steve Rooks

Performed by MasterWorks Festival Dance Students


Winona Lake, IN

Music:  "Ba Ban" composed by Chen Yi

Performed by Heidi Louise Williams, Piano

James Primosch (b. 1956)
Music: Waltzing The Spheres (2011)
Text by Susan Scott Thompson (1946 – 2007)

Performed by Heidi Louise Williams, Piano
Mary Mackenzie, Soprano


Trailer - Williams/Sauer Duo: Mirrored

Performed by Heidi Louise Williams, Piano

Gregory Sauer, Cello


Performed Live at Timucua

in Orlando, Florida, 2021

A taste of the concerts the duo played at Timucua in March 2021

in front of a small, socially distanced audience.